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Nate Francis In Place: a Study of Loneliness in Utah’s Landscapes at Finch Lane Gallery

Salt Lake City
Mar. 12 – Apr. 23

Nate Francis
In Place: a Study of Loneliness in Utah’s Landscapes
Nate Francis is a photographic and sculptural artist who works with issues of identity and isolation. He often appears in his own work by documenting his body or performing for the camera. In Place explores Nate Francis’s experiences growing up gay in Utah, at the geographical, social, and cultural epicenter of the LDS faith.
“Coming out as queer after living as a member of the Mormon faith and serving a two-year mission for the organization was a wake-up call for myself, my family, and my friends,” writes Francis.

Through photo collage of the artist’s body and Utah’s sparse landscapes, as well as sculptural objects found from these landscapes, Francis captures the relationship of their identity to their surroundings. Photos of Utah’s beautiful but barren geography serves as a metaphor for Francis’s experiences. Heavy rocks are placed on photos of Francis’s body to symbolize the weight of otherness. Portraits of Francis are cut and fragmented to represent the artist’s feelings of being verbally dissected.

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Salt Lake City Arts Council
54 Finch Lane
Salt Lake City, UT 84102

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