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Myranda Bair

Myranda Bair was born in North Dakota and has an MFA in Illustration and Creative Writing from the Maryland Institute College of Art and a BFA in Sculpture and Design from the University of Texas at Austin. She teaches Digital Photography as an adjunct faculty member at the University of Utah and is a Collection Assistant at the Utah Museum of Fine Arts.

“An Artist Statement”

When I get really excited my skin almost vibrates…
I love dogs and cats, snails and lizards, salamanders and tigers… just creatures in general.
I like to watch people learning, especially kids, the way they think is so
simple, yet right on .
I like to help people, even if it’s just giving directions, or telling them about good restaurants to try.
I cry when something sad happens, or when something really wonderful happens too.
My artwork is about me, but it’s also about you. And I would make it no matter what.
— Even if I were the last person on earth
— Even if there were no pencils left
I’m pretty sure I would think of something… That’s what artists do. ‘

An article on Myranda’s work will appear in the October 2009 edition of 15 Bytes.



Artist Spotlight: Salt Lake
Where You’re Coming From
The Art of Myranda Bair
by Analisa Coats Bacall
October 2009 edition

There are many little contradictions to be unraveled from an installation of love letters. Issues of the private being made spectacularly public, the artist’s past being re-lived in the viewer’s present, the intimately ephemeral being displayed as though it has a more enduring physicality than it truly does—all can be drawn from such a work. The installation in question, titled simply Love Letters, is an open-ended project from Salt Lake City-based artist Myranda Bair that offers viewers a peek into her own memories, correspondences, and musings on romantic relationships.

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