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Mixed Media

Our monthly Mixed Media feature in 15 Bytes (page 10) provides you links to various articles outside of Artists of Utah’s publications that deal with Utah’s visual arts scene. Every once in a while we’ll drop a notice about articles here in our blog. So, here are a couple of things that have come our way:

Here are a couple of recent blog posts by Gavin Sheehan:
An interview with Jared Latimer and Adam Bateman at Ephraim’s CUAC — here
An interview with Provo artists Jason Metcalf and Ryan Neeley here

And we’ve got to give it up for the Salt Lake Tribune, which published not just one but two articles on the visual arts on Friday (we can remember when we were lucky to see a visual arts article once a month).

The first is on the Vogel collection, recently donated to Utah State University —  here

And the second an exhibition of realist painters in Park City, featuring Jeff Hein —  here


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