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Mixed Media: New Public Art, Sources of Art & Grant Speed

Daniel Lyman’s Sway’d in downtown Salt Lake

Heading to downtown Salt Lake for Friday’s Gallery Stroll, we snapped this shot of Uof U Architecture graduate Daniel Lyman installing Sway’d (look close, he’s there), his temporary installation that will occupy the space next to the Capitol Theatre until Ballet West’s new dance center is built. Lyman’s work was selected as part of a  competition sponsored by the American Institute of Architects Utah’s Young Architects Forum. The 1,200 flexible nylon composite rods are designed to sway in the wind and reflect the tall grasses native to the area.

And in recent Mixed Media:

Ogden is busy putting up a public art project of its own.

Two recently deceased Utah artists are remembered:
Lindon sculptor Grant Speed.

Salt Lake glass artist Bob Baird

Daisy Blake reviews the work of Rosalie Winard and Troy Hunter at the Utah Arts Festival Gallery.

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