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Mitchell Lee

Mitchell Lee is a Utah based artist working out of West Valley. Mitchell enrolled in the University of Utah in 2012 as a math student. After taking several art classes, he fell in love with the arts and went on to earn his Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2018 and his Bachelor of Science in 2019. Mitchell has exhibited work in numerous Utah Galleries.

Artist Statement

Mitchell paints self-portraits on surfaces constructed of found objects. While doing so, he purposefully acknowledges the ideas of immortality and flattery that correspond to traditional portraiture only to challenge them by having them on non-pristine painting surfaces. The found objects that he builds his painting surfaces from are taken from his current suburban environment to represent the influence of his sheltered and reclusive lifestyle. In his work, he makes bare his frustration for his lack of personal significance with his mark making —whether a mark is made with a brush, palette knife, or hatchet. Mitchell often starts a painting with an image of a lone figure and builds around it using collage methods to reference ideas of isolation of disconnection.




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