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Miss Our Book Swaps? Try the Library Sale


A shot of some books at the City Library’s annual book sale.

Do you miss the (somewhat) annual book swaps Artists of Utah used to hold? Well, here’s two options for you: 1) Comment at the end of this post, and maybe we’ll revive them 2) Check out the art books available at the Salt Lake City Library’s annual book sale this weekend.

Generally we don’t like to trumpet the library’s annual book sale. That’s because we don’t want anyone snatching up the great deals before we have a chance to go through them. But we’ve gotten word that this year the library has a large selection of art books, music books and other coffee table-style books for sale, and since we haven’t been organizing our own book swaps it seemed only fair to inform you, our dear readers, of what is going on.

Every six months the Salt Lake City Library system trims its collection. They take excess books from all of their branches and bring them to the bottom floor of the Main Library for a massive sale. The proceeds go to the library, so they can buy new books, which means they will once again need to cull their collection and the whole process repeats itself.

The Spring 2013 sale begins on April 11. “This year, more than ever before, we have a huge, huge selection of used books in very good condition on all subject available for sale at very reasonable prices,” says Jeanine Marlowe of Friends of the City Library. “In particular, we are overflowing with English (literature, classics, etc), History, Arts (huge music selection this year) including CD’s Audio books, movies and on and on.”


April 11th: Member-only night, 3-9 p.m. ( Memberships available at the door or in the Library Store starting at $15.00 for an individual)
April 12th-16th–Public Sale during regular Library Hours.
They usually have boxes on hand to carry your books out in. For Friday hardbacks are $2.00 and paperbacks $1.00. On Saturday and Sunday the prices are cut in half. If you return on Monday and Tuesday, though, prices get even better. In the end you can walk away with a whole bag of books for only $5.00. In addition there are a number of  Special Priced books that are all individually priced. Marlowe says “the really nice art books are around $6.00.”
The Friends of the Library Spring Book Sale is held at Main Library, 210 So. 400 East.  For more information contact the Library Store at 801-524-8238 of me, Jeannine Marlowe, at jsmarlowe@comcast.net

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