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Mike “Satch” Fletcher

Mike “Satch” Fletcher

Mike “Satch” Fletcher is a self-taught artist who lives in Ogden with his wife and three cats. His experimental and colorful abstract paintings are currently on exhibit at the Visage Salon in Salt Lake City.

What hangs above your mantel?

Abouve my mantle hangs “lotus,” a fine art print by Martha Klein. This print captures a calmness and spirituality that we all need to offset the rest of our hectic lives.

What is your favorite building in Utah?

I would have to say the Salt Lake Library is my favorite building in Utah. Its curvalinier facade brings us much needed boost into the 21st century.

What is the most memorable exhibit you’ve seen recently?¬†

Beside my own exibit at Visage, now hanging . . . I would have to say the Hyunmee Lee exibit at Phillips. The power of that work speaks for itself.



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