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Miguel Galaz and Miriam Gutierrez at Mestizo Institute of Culture and Arts

Salt Lake City
Exhibition & Closing Reception

September 24, 2021

Mestizo Institute of Culture and Arts | MICA is pleased to present its first gallery show since the COVID-19 shutdowns. The show can be seen at the upcoming Closing Reception on September 24th, or through MICA’s online virtual gallery tours. The show runs through September 26th.

The new exhibit features work by two local visual artists and muralists, Miguel Galaz and Miriam Gutierrez.

Galaz presents works from his Tarpuymunay art project, which aims to create cultural awareness through paintings, murals, and sculptures. The works in this show, which feature influential cultural figures and symbols, combine digital designs and painting, situated in gorgeous, handmade wooden frames.

Gutierrez, in her first multiple-piece gallery show, presents some of her illustration work using pencil and ink. In contrast to Galaz’s big artworks, Gutierrez presents her small, intimate, and carefully observed illustrations of flora and fauna, inspired by the world around her.

As with many arts and cultural organizations, MICA’s work was greatly curtailed by the COVID-19 pandemic. Over the past 18 months, MICA has worked to innovate in order to continue its mission in these ever-changing times. One of those innovations is MICA’s new virtual gallery tours. MICA has built a brand new website, and now Individuals who cannot come to the gallery in person can tour our shows on their computer, phone, or VR headset. The current show can be seen here: https://mestizoarts.org/gallery-shows/virtual-gallery-tours/

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