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Michelle Howard


Michelle is a Contemporary Naturalist. She began studying painting at an early age with many talented and generous mentors along the way. With over two decades working in commercial art, Michelle developed a strong work ethic as well as honed her technical skills in the fields of graphic design, illustration, portraiture, architectural finishes, and mural painting. She is now exclusively devotes herself to her fine art career. Figures as well as light and images reflected off of water often find their way into her work.

Michelle is fascinated by the versatility of the medium of oil paint.  Her process often involves palette knife work, washes, layers, and glazing.  She is fascinated by the interplay of layers and how they influence each other in bringing out energy in color, richness of tone, and visual depth.

Artist Statement

My paintings are an expression of gratitude.  I don’t seek to communicate narrative so much as emotion. I value quiet simplicity. I believe in art and in life that perfection is reached not when there is nothing left to add but when there is nothing left to remove. I strive to inspire the viewer to pause and recognize the moment as it quietly surrounds them.






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