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Michael Jackson & the Deer Valley Music Festival

You gotta love summer evenings outside: warm temps, fresh air, listening to music while lying on a blanket with a drink in hand instead of trapped in an uncomfortable seat. And for some reason you can talk to the person next to you without suffering a disapproving glare from the person in front of you. No more using your “inside voice”, as my 3rd grade teacher called it.

We are all familiar with the Twilight Concert Series, and the The Utah Symphony/Utah Opera will host its annual outdoor Deer Valley Music Festival this summer. One of the fun things about outdoor concerts is they seem to lend themselves well to a fusion of musical styles you wouldn’t normally experience in a concert hall. For example, when you buy your tickets for the Utah Symphony’s July 14th concert in Park City you will essentially be buying Michael Jackson tickets. That’s right, “leave one glove at home” they say. James Delisco and his “thrilling” vocal recreations of the King of Pop will join the Symphony for an evening of music that will get you up off your blanket to show off those moves you think you have after hours of dancing along with the “Michael Jackson Experience” on your Wii. This year, the Utah Symphony and Utah Opera will also join forces with Earth, Wind & Fire, Kansas and, of course, Disney (you have to have something to bring the kids to in the summertime).

For info on the Deer Valley Music Festival click here.

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