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Michael Christensen

A native Utahn, Michael Christensen is currently enjoying public sector work as the folklorist/cultural specialist at the Utah Cultural Celebration Center, an organization dedicated to enriching and strengthening communities by promoting the expression of the arts, education, opportunities for economic development, and the celebration of human diversity. Michael oversees and installs gallery exhibits, produces concerts and festivals, and coordinates art demonstrations, educational programs and community celebrations. The Center hosts The Face of Utah Sculpture VI, an annual celebration of all forms of 3-D art, July 8 – August 26. Michael has served as a board member for the Utah Cultural Alliance; Human Pursuits: The Western Humanities Concern; the West Valley City Historical Society and President of the Folklore Society of Utah. 

A hand-carved, Tongan warrior spear hangs above my mantle. It was carved by local folk artist Tonga Uaisele. I also own one of his wood carved tapa “cloths” and two tikis. I’ve never seen a man use his bare feet as vice grips before. Astounding.

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design elementI am currently reading Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter by Seth Grahame-Smith. Frankly, it is not the best novel about former presidents or vampires.

I remember hanging KISS posters on my wall growing up. Gene Simmons is an example of a good vampire (of sorts).

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