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AMF 2012: Metamorphosis Meets Fashion

Art Meets Fashion returns to Salt Lake September 8 with a cocktail of fashion and art to benefit Red Butte Gardens. Promising to be a classic, elegantly-styled event reminiscent of old Hollywood glamour, the 2012 AMF at Red Butte Gardens will have runway shows on the garden pathway in the Rose and Wedding Gardens and a fine art exhibition on the Rose House Plaza. The evening will conclude with a swing band performance and dancing on the amphitheater stage.


As discussed in last year’s October edition, Art Meets Fashion is the brainchild of Heidi Gress and Anne Cummings, co-owners of Aperture, a marketing firm and former gallery that also focuses on developing emerging artistic talent and supporting local non-profits. As part of the event Gress and Cummings curate a themed art show, this year’s focusing on “Metamorphosis.” “Artists were asked to consider Picasso’s notion ‘every act of creation is first an act of destruction,'” Cummings says. “Through the exploration of creation and destruction, artists were directed to consider the continual act of becoming.”

For an artist like Cody Chamberlain,|2| this year’s theme was a natural fit. “It’s all about the mortality of nature, the cycle of death and rebirth,” he says about his work, surrounded in his studio by skulls.|1| For others, working with the theme was a chance to expand their work and process. “The concept allowed me to actually sit down, consider some recurring thoughts, and represent them visually,” says Todd Powelson. “It is always a challenge to take a personal abstract thought or concept and put it down on paper.”

Some of the artists exhibiting may already be familiar to our audience: Blake Palmer, |3| Mark Crenshaw |4| and, David Habben |5| all appeared in recent editions, and Zuzanna Audette’s exhibit related to the 2011 Art Meets Fashion event was reviewed last year. But true to Aperture’s mission to provide opportunities for emerging artists, many will be new faces. Other exhibiting artists include Shelly Hunyh, Jon Lang, Chase McCleary,|6| Susan Ferguson, Silvia Soils, Jimmi Toro,|0| Matthew Potter, Nanette Wiser, and Alexander Ferguson. Jenevieve Hubbard, who we have reviewed before and will be looking at more in depth in our November edition, will also be exhibiting.|7|

Full collections from fashion designers Beckett and Robb, Sophie St. Claire, Nephi Garcia and Heggy Gonzalez will also premiere at the event. Red Butte Garden will receive proceeds from ticket sales and 100% of all art sales.

$50 regular tickets get you admission to the gallery exhibition, fashion shows, and a selection of food and beverages. VIP and student tickets are also available. For more information visit www.artmeetsfashion.net or www.facebook.com/ArtMeetsFashionAMF.

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