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Megan Arné

Megan Mitchell Arné (born 1993) was raised in Gorham, Maine and is now located in Orem, Utah with her husband and 9-month-old son. Megan received her BFA in Studio Art from Brigham Young University in April, 2018. She works predominantly in large scale paintings, drawings and installations that deal with issues of ownership, consumerism and validation of objects. Since graduation Megan has worked as an artist assistant in Berlin to Kirsi Mikkola and Peter Linde Busk, started a zine publication for female artists, and participated in exhibitions at PAL gallery in Provo and Finch Lane gallery in Salt Lake.

Artist Statement

My work deal with issues of ownership, organization and the shifting value of objects and personal possessions. I am interested in the significance of objects, not because of their function, but because of the human interactions and connections that occur as people use, collect, sort and discard their material possessions. These human actions and experiences give value to even the most mundane objects. I am drawn to locations where these objects are collected and accumulated, and I base my abstract compositions directly from photos of dumps, basements, thrift stores and demolition sites. These locations and the objects they contain are evidence of the community of people who have interacted with them and contributed to their current state. My paintings mimic the clutter and chaos of this process, while also highlighting my intrigue with the potential of each pile.




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