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Matthew Allred: Clinamen at UMOCA


. . . Allred’s fascination with the elemental basics of photography has led him to an expansive exploration of time, space and understanding. The tools of his trade allow him to explore universal ideas, to bring the expansive nature of the universe into the four walls of a gallery or museum. These ideas are powerful and they are real and they are genuinely discovered organically in the mind and through the method of the artist as he works from phase to phase. One can only admire his integrity, learn from his understanding, and look forward to the fruits of his future, which, at 30, has just begun to reveal the deeper colors of life, and manifest the palette of what lies ahead.


Ehren Clark takes a look at three bodies of work by Matthew Allred now on exhibit at the Utah Museum of Contemporary Art in the September 2014 edition of 15 Bytes.


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