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Matalyn Zundel

Matalyn Zundel was born in Salt Lake City, Utah and received her Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts with an emphasis in Painting and Drawing from the University of Utah. While earning her degree she participated in multiple student shows with her peers. She curated and participated in the group show “Closing Shift” for her senior project with three of her fellow seniors. Upon graduating she was accepted to the Poor Yorick Studios space and participated in their open studios as well as the recent SLCC President’s Show. She is interested in the figure and the mundane beauty of life as a woman. She uses primarily oil paints.


I am a woman every day and every day I am alive. I am not interested in a posed model on a set, rather in how the lives women live every day intersect and interact with the lives around them. The figures in my paintings are all engaged in a relationship of some kind. They exist in tandem with one another, with me and with their observers. What does it feel like to be in a relationship and to be a woman? What does it feel like to observe those relationships? What does it feel like to be observed? I use oil paint for its texture and for its forgiveness. Oil paint can change its mind halfway through a painting and be something different by the end of the work. It can be buried and erased under a new layer that is thicker and louder. It is multifaceted and complex. It refuses to be only one thing. My paintings reveal their own process with some of my original structural lines left exposed, but this a lie. The lines that remain are a curated remnant of the poor choices that came before. I want to remind my viewer that what they are observing is a painting of a human woman, created by a human woman. The revealed imperfections are selected and the lines serve more than one purpose.


Matalyn Zundel, “The village can only take you so far,” 2023, oil on canvas, 48×60 in.


Matalyn Zundel, “Squish face, or the way that we look at ourselves,” 2022, oil on canvas, 28×28 in.


Matalyn Zundel, “Help, even when you didn’t ask,” 2023, oil on canvas, 28×36 in.


Matalyn Zundel, “RBF,” 2023, oil on canvas, 36×48 in.


Matalyn Zundel, “And I to You,” 2023, oil on canvas, 32×38 in.


Matalyn Zundel, “Elana,” 2023, oil on canvas, 24×24 in.


Matalyn Zundel, “HB,” 2023, oil on canvas, 21×23 in.


Matalyn Zundel, “Allison,” 2023, oil on canvas, 24×30 in.

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