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Mary Boerens Sinner

Mary Boerens Sinner


Mary Boerens Sinner has an Associate’s degree from Weber State University and a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Utah. Mary is currently working on a Masters of Fine Art at the University of Utah. She lives in downtown Salt Lake City with her husband and new baby.

Artist Statement

My work examines visual coding in our culture. I am interested in the migration of coding from “high” and “low” culture forms. Navigating these visual, and cultural, cues is part of our everyday experience. I am intrigued by the sphere of influence visual content has on our concept of reality.
I use a variety of materials, and imagery, to create density. Many of the materials I use (astro turf, glitter, metal leaf, flocking, wallpaper) are considered to be crafting materials- not suitable for fine art. The clash of “low” and “high” materials blurs the line between traditional fine art (high art) and something that is home spun. My work currently resides somewhere between painting, collage, assemblage, and mixed media.


Artist Images

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