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Mary Frances Lambert

I am a jewelry artist and educator living in Salt Lake City. My first metals experience was in 1995.

I’ve learned from and with many jewelry artists, and in 2015 started teaching metalsmithing. I emphatically love teaching, knowing that I am providing the same education and belonging that meant so much to me when I began making jewelry. I plot my own work to enhance the diverse skills I need to be the best teacher possible. I also take custom jewelry orders, and have expanded into working with gold, fine gemstones, and intricate pieces.

I’m a docent at the Utah Museum of Fine Arts, and continually research the jewelry on display and painted in the museum’s collection. I’ve made several art-inspired pieces, which I use to connect tour patrons to the wide history of personal adornment. In 2018 I saw my work accepted to the Utah Statewide Annual Competition.

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