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Marianne Goodell


Marianne has always loved art and jewelry, but did not set out to be an artist. Typically thinking in a traditional Greek family was that of earning money by having some type of marketable skill. Therefore she went to college and majored in Business Management, working as a computer network consultant when computers were big and bulky and awkward. Eventually, working in a technical field was no longer fulfilling, so she decided to pursue her creative side.

Marianne decided to pursue jewelry and painting. Her informal training into the world of art includes apprenticing under a professional jeweler and studing under two professional artists in addition to taking several on-line classes. She splits her time between making jewelry with an emphasis on enameling and painting figurative art in various mediums.

Marianne’s work has been published in two books: Art Journal Kickstarter and Coloring Creative Characters. Her “Heisenberg” watercolor won an award at a local art competition. She has contributed a blog post for the magazine Cloth, Paper, Scissors. And, in May 2017, her work will be featured in Metal Clay Today.


Ultimately, it is my desire to create archetypical emotional figurative art and jewelry infused with symbols in an effort to heal.

I have learned that my spirit is content and happy when I am allowing it to express itself truly. As I break down the barriers that I have created in my own mind, a joy moves through me and onto the canvas or into the metal.

I express my emotions through what I make. Some days I feel like I need to get the saw out and cut metal. Other days I need a flame. Other days I need to write or scribble while other days I need to create a beautiful figure. Every single one of the things that I do are ways for me to express my emotions. It is through expressing these emotions that I find my inner peace. It is through these very creations that I hope to help people release and heal their own emotions.





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