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Marcee Blackerby

Artist Statement

I work in mixed media, creating with found objects.  I feel this gives me a sense of freedom in having such an unrestricted source of materials to choose from.  The strange and disconnected are the stuff of my creations.   These come with history and character, sometimes light-hearted, sometimes dark.  But each thing has individual memory and spark.  An object often takes unexpected directions, as if having intelligence and creative expression of its’ own.   It is precisely this unexpected result, when the common thing becomes art, that intrigues me.

In placement, I attempt to explore secrets connected to objects, and present or create mystery behind social and human icons.  I like the idea of resurrecting the discarded and obsolete, putting them on center stage with a new purpose and life, perhaps creating a window into another dimension.

I often use a box, which gives me another dimension to work in, resulting in  a more theatrical viewer experience.  I see the box as a universal symbol among all humans.  We box up our dreams and our remains, our treasures and  secrets.  There is magic in the unopened box, the fabled chest, and the ancient tomb.  And it is often within the countenance of a box that we discover the heart of the culture.

My fascination with language and love of story-telling often leads me to take a narrative approach to art.  I am enticed by the idea of attracting a kind of voyeuristic experience with my audience.  I try to create enough mystery to absorb and invite emotional play.  And I am always hoping for love at first sight.

Artist Images

Evolution of a Species by Marcee Blackerby, mixed media box, 31″ x 17″ x 3″, 2012.


Alice’s Tea Party by Marcee Blackerby, mixed media box. 14″ x 14″ x 5″. 2012.

Twitter by Marcee Blackerby, mixed media box. 18″ x 24″ x 3″. 2012.

Of the Garden by Marcee Blackerby, mixed media box.

The Dead Sea by Marcee Blackerby, mixed media box, 18″ x 14″ x 4″. 2008.

French Ties Super Size by Marcee Blackerby, mixed media, 54″ x 36″ x 14″. 2008.

Strativarious by Marcee Blackerby. Mixed media silk on cavnas, 7’ X 4’ X 6” 2005

In Search of the Third Ring by Marcee Blackerby. Mixed media box. 4’ X 4’ X 12” 2009

Inside the Outside by Marcee Blackerby,mixed media box. 21” X 14” X 3” 2012.

Sanctuary by Marcee Blackerby, mixed media box, 19” X 25” X 3” 2012


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  1. I enjoyed looking at your work and Ric’s. As I was reading your artist statement to John he remarked about what a good writer you are and I agree! We were drawn to several of your boxes, Twitter, Sanctuary, Dead Sea and Alice in Wonderland…John is actually reading that book, again, now! How much are you asking for Alice? It was great to talk to you yesterday and thank you for recommending this site.

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