Making Music: Morris Rosenzweig


“Writing music has to do with your version of what you think music is — and it’s hard to have it taken at just that,” explains Salt Lake City composer Morris Rosenzweig. “People often think you’re trying to make some kind of point, but I don’t think that’s what it’s about at all; it’s about an idea, a musical formation that changes over the course of time and in many cases, rejoins to the original formation.”

In the February 2013 edition of 15 Bytes Laura Durham talks with Morris Rosenzweig about “new” music, growing up in New Orleans and the influence of a public school music teacher.

Laura Durham works for KUED Channel-7 in the Creative Services Department, curating community engagement projects for both PBS and KUED productions that foster trust and value to the communities in Utah. She also produces Contact with Mary Dickson and Contact in the Community — a digital series featuring arts and culture groups in Utah. Prior to her work at KUED, Laura spent 15 years at the Utah Division of Arts & Museums in the visual arts program and later managing communications, branding, marketing, and public value projects for all arts and museums programming. She has served the Utah community in various capacities with her role as Vice President of the Salt Lake Gallery Association and Program Director for the Salt Lake Gallery Stroll. She lives in Salt Lake City, sings with Utah Chamber Artists, and loves to contribute to 15 Bytes as often as time allows.

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