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Main Street Kiosks

In 2004, the Salt Lake Arts Council, in conjunction with the Downtown alliance, decided to use the eight hexagonal kiosks along Salt Lake City’s Main Street between South Temple and 400 South, to host artwork by local artists. The first year seven artists were chosen to have their work as part of the project. The kiosks are used as easels and the artwork, created specifically for the kiosks, is installed behind glass.

In August of 2005, a second set of artists were chosen for the kiosks and their works will continue to be installed until August of this year when a new set of artists will be selected. The artists exhibiting in the Main Street kiosks this year are (numbered 2 -11 above) Everen T. Brown, Gentry Blackburn, Jon Caputo, Jade Mendoza, Kinde Nebeker, Nadra Peragallo, Christine Baczek, Trent Call, John F. McCarthy and Nathan Pack.

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