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M. A. Baratta

M.A. Baratta is a fine art and commercial photographer, videographer, silkscreen printer, musician and performance artist. Born in Southern California, M.A.Baratta has lived in San Francisco and has studied at the San Francisco Art Institute and is receiving his BFA from the University of Utah. He has worked with major commercial companies such as, United Way of the Bay Area, and several large film & tv studios including BBC America, Fox, NBC and Sony Studios. He is the recent recipient of a First Place Award in the Category of Amateur Self Portraits from PDN’s 2019 Faces Portrait Photography Competition.

Artist Statement
“Dookie Snookie is a project about cardboard. This series looks at romanticized male dominance and violence within popular culture as it is accepted as an absolute social truth. But it’s mostly a project about cardboard. Dookie Snookie explores the relationship between the signified and the signifier, the symbol and the how this language is received and interpreted by the viewer. Dookie is a scathing critique on the association between toxic masculinity, patriarchal oppression, and the greatest achievement of neoliberalism: the commodity.”



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