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LiveDAYBREAK Community Sculptural Art Project

LiveDAYBREAK Community Sculptural Art Project




Proposal submission deadline is August 31, 2017 by 5:00p.m.





Daybreak is a unique community that embraces the values of community, family, healthy living and a commitment to the arts and diversity.


The LiveDAYBREAK Community Council has recently made a long term commitment to public art in the Daybreak community.


The Sculptural Art project is intended to create a unique outdoor art piece that reflects the vision and feel of the community. Along with being aesthetically pleasing, this piece could be interactive, kinetic, etc.







  • To create a unique outdoor piece of artwork to be displayed in a predominate location in Daybreak.
  • To create art that will strengthen community by providing opportunities for people to engage with each other in a fun, unique, or hands on way.





The proposal shall include enough information that the Live DAYBREAK Community Council will be able to understand and visualize the proposed art piece. This can be done through sketches, pictures, descriptions, etc.




Daybreak has many visually stunning locations for art installations. Please see the attached pictures and pinned map of locations that the committee has identified as ideal. When you submit your proposal, please indicate which location(s) you have in mind for the installation.




The budget for this project is approximately $50,000. This shall be all inclusive of artist’s fees, related expenses, including, but not limited to, design, supplies, fabrication, insurance, transportation, and installation. Additional resources may be available through coordination with the developer.



Artists or artist-led teams are eligible to apply for this project. Those new to the public art process are also encouraged to apply.



Artists/teams will be selected for the project based on their proposed design, written materials, and images of previous artwork.  The project must be designed and fabricated to withstand the Utah summer climate. Artists should also consider other aspects of public safety and structural integrity in the design, material usage, fabrication, and maintenance of the work.  Artists are responsible for the application of their completed work (including associated cost and transport) at the designated installation site on the specified time/day as determined by the LiveDAYBREAK Community Art Advisory Committee’s Sculpture Project Team. Artists must remain on site during the installation of this project.



Projects will be reviewed by the LiveDAYBREAK Community Art Advisory Committee’s Sculpture Project Team and the chosen artist/artist-led team will be selected by early October.



The criteria on which the submissions will be selected include:

  • Artwork that meets the project goals
  • Artistic creativity and quality
  • Successfully addressing public safety and maintenance issues
  • The ability of the artist to complete and deliver the work by the designated deadlines
  • Submission of a sketch, model, photograph or description of the project and application in the requested format


The ultimate goal is to have the project installed by Spring/Summer 2018. Application materials and project/design materials must be delivered in electronic format to no later than 5:00pm, August 31, 2017. Late submissions will not be accepted. Artists may be asked to provide additional information, details, or a scaled model during the selection process. Applications will not be returned. Selected artists will be notified via email by early October.




LiveDAYBREAK will not pay costs incurred in responding to the request for proposal.

LiveDAYBREAK may cancel this process at any time prior to the execution of any agreement without liability.

LiveDAYBREAK reserves the right to discontinue negotiations with any initially selected Proposer at any time and for any reason, and to pursue negotiations with an alternative team.



If you have questions, please contact the LiveDAYBREAK Arts Committee at



Please carefully read and follow the submission requirements listed below. Incomplete or incorrect applications will not be considered. Artists/teams wishing to submit more than one proposed design must submit a design concept and a cover letter for each design. Artist teams should submit one application and no more than 10 images total.  All design/concept description materials should be labeled with the applicant’s name and project title. Late applications will not be accepted or reviewed.







Name(s): ____________________________________________________________
Date: ________________________________________________________________
Address: ____________________________________________________________
City: __________________________________________________ State: ___________
Zip code: ______________ Telephone:_______________________________________
Email: _______________________________________________________________
Website: ____________________________________________________________





  • Artist application
  • Cover letter
  • Resume (not to exceed 1 page)
  • 5-10 Images of previous work
  • A digitalized representation of the proposed mural
  • Itemized budget, including time and materials
  • Detailed maintenance plan (this should ensure that the project is able to withstand Utah’s varied climate for an indefinite period of time).


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