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Lisa Orr

Lisa Orr

Lisa Orr lives in Salt Lake City and works in various mediums and styles.  Lisa has been employed as an Interior Decorator and has consulted clients on integrating art into interiors. She has also worked at an art auction house and fine art gallery. Lisa has a BA in Fine Art from UCLA and an AA in Interior Design.

Artist Statement

My artwork raises questions and revelations pertaining to the human spirit.  I explore emotion and intimate thought – rendering inner awareness into concrete visual form.  I document where the mind and heart have been and where there is potential to go. I explore a variety of emotional states, sometimes directly, and at other times, vaguely and elusively, allowing room for exploration. I record the experience of many different states of being: meditative, complex, dark, empty, abundance, searching, stagnating, layering of time, nurturing, confrontation and revelation. The process is enlightening, sometimes heart-wrenching, and always essential to experiencing my life.

Currently I am working on an abstract painting series on Transcendence and a mixed media Motherhood series.  I work from both a conceptual and an intuitive basis. With my mixed media pieces the materials are often old or found objects chosen to facilitate a concept and accentuate my intention.  Many materials, specifically ones used in the Motherhood series, serve as a metaphor in the piece. The methods employed in Transcendence are used to spark awareness, recognition, growth and understanding. I see the work as positive momentum, a process of continuous questioning, that offers contemplation within the realm of abstract art. The art addresses concepts of transformation and overcoming while it seeks to go beyond words.


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