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Lis Pardoe

Lis Pardoe’s work tells stories about connection – to our emotions, each other, and our environment. In a fast-paced global economy, we often become disconnected. Pardoe’s contemporary, classical, paintings give us insight into the present moment. Her paintings capture the eye with pattern, depth, and harmonious color. Using plants as a universal voice, Pardoe’s botanical elements communicate: “Am I present?”. Working from life and imagination, Pardoe spends over twenty-five hours with her subjects. Her painting titles are often a summation of the final image and the experience of interacting with the model. Pardoe lives, works, and teaches in Salt Lake City, Utah. In 2015, she graduated from a half-decade long apprenticeship at the Hein Atelier of Traditional Art. She won the Springville Museum of Art’s “Artist’s Choice Award” (2016), was featured in Buzzfeed’s “What Art Collectors Are Shopping For” (2017), and was a finalist in the 14th International ARC Salon (2019).

Artist Statement
“I paint to inspire reflection of our inner world and awe amidst our surroundings. By painting from life, a unique relationship is built between myself and my subject. I intend for this to develop a circular connection between artist, subject, and viewer. In a fast-paced global economy, we often become distracted and disconnected. I’m interested in how being present psychologically can slow us down. To illustrate this meditative quality in my work, I often use botanical elements symbolically for peace, change, and growth. As our irreplaceable landscapes and resources continue to be threatened, I feel an intense pull to document them. I believe in the grounding effect of nature to be universal. Thus, I intend for this element in my work to speak across borders. Painting a slower-paced version of humanity moves me toward stillness and connection. I hope that by portraying it, my viewers may have a similar experience.”




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