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Lila Abersold

Lila Abersold, Visual Arts Manager for the Utah Arts Council, stands in front of a painting by Lee Deffebach located in her office.

What hangs above your mantel?

I do not have a mantel in my place, but my favorite wall adornment are two small prints from Pont Aven in France. They depict women at the village well and a village square.

What is your favorite building in Utah?

The State Capitol building. It is one of the most impressive capitols in the United States and I’m delighted to see it restored to the original plan.

What is the most memorable exhibit you’ve seen recently? 

I just returned from France and the most recent memorable exhibit was the Marie Antoinette exhibit at the Palais Royale. But I also love the Minerva Teichert exhibit in the BYU Museum of Art.

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