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Life Changes for Sarah Winegar in 2019

Looking back, Sarah Winegar says 2018 was “a year for exploring what role I wanted art to play in my life.” She had opportunities to exhibit and teach, run workshops, get accepted to and refected from shows. The culmination, at least professionally, was a collaborative show at Provo’s Writ and Vision. Personally, though, the crowning event was the birth of her son, Luca.

Progress on a woodblock for a collaborative show with Caitlin Connolly at the Writ and Vision Gallery in Provo, 2018.

“2019 will be another year of exploration and finding balance,” she says, looking forward. “I have always dreamed of using printmaking to write/illustrate a graphic novel. Doing so seems like a logical step as I now find myself at home with time to write and draw. Our relocation to Salt Lake City gives me access to galleries, other artists, and maybe most importantly the wonderful Saltgrass printshop, where I can continue to hone those skills.”

The University of Utah graduate works mostly with relief printing, but says she has started dabbling in oil point. “I have yet to get tired of iconic religious images that so easily become symbols of my life,” she says. “Mother and child, last supper, healing the sick, visiting the weary. I love the idea of art used as worship, whether that be capturing a moment in life or a snapshot of a sacred place. Those images for me preserve and increase the sanctity of the every day experience.”

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