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5/26 The Leonardo announces their roster of Artists in Residence

Salt Lake City’s The Leonardo has announced their roster of Artists in Residence. Every Saturday and Sunday the Artist in Residence program will feature a different Latino/Hispanic artist from the community. The program was created in collaboration with Artes de Mexico and is the result of an open call for artists earlier this year. The selected artists will interact with visitors and demonstrate their technique as they work on a new piece. The program is included as part of admission. The program runs from June 2023 to May 2024.

Ramon Ramos: June/December
Pablo Cruz-Ayala: July/October
Inez Garcia: August/November
Lilian Agar: September/March
Luis Rosman: January/May
Allison Arocho: February/April


Declarative Labs, a Utah-based & women-owned creative collective wins 2023 Communications Arts Award of Excellence

The 64th Annual Design Competition by Communication Arts has
recognized the illustration work of Declarative Labs with
Best-in-Show awards in the visual communication industry. The juried competition with a global audience celebrated the work of designer Alicia Pangman who created a series of 20 illustrations for their client, the National Trust for Local News (The Trust). Declarative Labs developed a brand to capture their impact as changemakers in locally-owned and representative press, with the illustrations at the center of the brand identity. These
illustrations celebrate the diversity of communities served by The Trust, and what local events & at-home activities might look like across the U.S. Illustration is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the services offered by the
women-owned collective. (From the press release)

5/24 Southern Utah Museum of Art Celebrates Most Successful Art Auction Yet 

The Southern Utah Museum of Art (SUMA) has announced that on Saturday, May 20, they hosted a sold-out crowd for the 28th Annual Art Auction, raising nearly $90,000 to support SUMA’s vision of bringing high-quality artwork to the region for years to come. This was SUMA’s biggest art auction yet, with the most participating artists, the highest number of artworks donated, and the most sponsorships for the event, leading to the most money raised for the museum in a single night. Tickets sold out the week before the auction, making it a highly-anticipated evening, bringing together artists, sponsors, longtime supporters, and many first-time auction attendees.  “I am overwhelmed by the success we experienced during this year’s auction,” said SUMA Executive Director, Jessica Kinsey. “With the funds raised, we will be able to carry on the vision of Jimmie Jones, who wanted to see a museum in his hometown–knowing how challenging it was to grow up here with the desire to be an artist. This annual event allows SUMA to inspire a new generation of artists.” (From the press release)

5/22 SOUTHWEST CONTEMPORARY: “America’s Most Scenic Dump” Draws Artists to Moab Arts Reuse Residency

Moab has a citizenry of about 5,000 with a population of three to five million, if you count the tourists.

This statistic is often measured in dollars but could just as easily be demonstrated in pounds of waste produced annually. Moab’s waste management department estimates that tourists generate close to 20 percent of the trash that ends up in its landfill.

The irony of this, of a place so magnetically gorgeous accumulating the detritus of every passerby who comes to revel in its desert splendors, was not lost on the Moab Chamber of Commerce in 1986 when it dubbed Moab’s landfill “America’s Most Scenic Dump.”


5/21 SLTRIB: Bringing poetry to the city is a dream come true for these immigrant Utah women

The space for Poetry on Main may seem sparse for now, but the owner’s dreams of what it will become are limitless.

As owner Michaëlle Martial, a Haitian poet, imagines it: The new space in an apartment building at 702 S. Main in Salt Lake City will become a hub of creativity and community — a gathering place for everyone, but especially Black women artists and immigrants like herself.


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