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Lennart Anderson: A Retrospective at SUMA

Cedar City
June 10 – Sept. 23

Lennart Anderson (U.S.,1928-2015) was an artist renowned for his deceptively complex paintings that transform common delicacies, mundane objects and a sitter’s calm interiority into phenomenological meditations on light, form and time. His paintings reveal a world of things we may overlook; however, with the tender innocence and humor of a haiku poet, he represents to us mysteries worthy of careful consideration. As he worked from observation during the height of non-objective painting, he often described his practice as “humble pie,” but he was unapologetic about his exhaustive search for an elusive quality of light and the nobility of his subject.

Described by the New York Times as one of the “most prominent and admired painters to translate figurative art into a modern idiom,” Anderson was also well-known for a teaching career that deeply influenced future generations of painters, including guest curator and SUU lecturer of art, Randall Cabe.

In collaboration with the artist’s estate, Southern Utah Museum of Art will be a venue for this first major survey of the artist since his death. The exhibition brings together paintings and drawings from both public and private collections, as well as from Anderson’s own gallery, Leigh Morse Fine Arts. In addition to several works featured at the New York Studio School and the Lyme Academy of Fine Arts, additional selected works will be included in SUMA’s iteration of the exhibition in order to help contextualize the arc of Anderson’s “career”—a word the artist loathed.

Southern Utah Museum of Art
351 W University Blvd.
Cedar City Utah, 84720

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