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Lehi’s Adobe Building Looking for Artwork


Art installation at the Adobe building in Lehi, Utah.

Adobe has 12 locations for displaying art inside the company building located at 3900 Adobe Way in Lehi UT.

Jeremy Macdonald, the Site Manager, invites local artists (residence in UT) to submit art pieces for display.
Andrew Ehninger will administrate the process and curate the displays.  By submitting your art via this Behance page you are assuming the risk of displaying your art at the site.  Adobe has many visitors, including children, and will not assume liability nor insurance coverage for work displayed here. Art will be carefully displayed.

If an artist is selected and agrees to display art here, the artist is responsible to bring the art to/from Adobe.  The Adobe Facilities team will determine the exact location and display the art.  The artist will always own the art, but please allow your art to be on display for at least 3 months.  Art will be displayed with a QR code that will allow viewers to learn more about the artist and if desired by the artist, contact her.  Art needs to be picked up after the display ends within 45 days, it will not be stored after that.

Display guides:
9 locations that accommodate two dimensional art of dimensions up to 36”x36”
2 locations that accommodate two dimensional art of dimensions up to 48”x48”
1 location that accommodates two dimensional art of dimensions up to 48”x72” in portrait orientation.

Artists are highly encouraged to maintain a full portfolio on Behance.
Please indicate the size of the piece in the title.
Please do not submit works of art that would be inappropriate for a corporate workplace.

To submit a piece of art, Artists may add their curent projects to this group, joining the group is not required to submit art.  In the settings tab (third tab) of your art, you can edit teams and add your submittal to this team.  Artists are also welcome to join the team which will make it even simpler to submit a project to it.  REMINDER: max of 5 submissions.


Art installation at Adobe building in Lehi, Utah.

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  1. I’m sure there are some well-meaning people involved with this, but it is unfortunate that Adobe isn’t even willing to insure the work. It sounds like they want the band to come and provide music for free with the promise of “exposure.” I hope artists won’t take the bate and Adobe will realize if they really want to support local artists, they will purchase their work.

  2. NOBODY CONTRIBUTE. Adobe is worth like 18 Billion dollars and if they want to fancy up their place for 45 days, they can afford a more decent compensation than “this is a great opportunity to get exposure!” while their products benefit for free from your work. Heck, I got like 50 bucks once for a piece of work I did in high school to be taken around Utah in some travelling gallery for a summer, and it was hardly professional. But they paid me.

    Respect yourselves. This is the equivalent of a dude in a business suit and money hanging out of his pockets, sitting in the street with a high-quality printed banner that reads “won’t work for food.”

    It’s ironic that a company that creates software for artists (at insane prices) is asking those artists to promote their product for the shallow and frankly insulting “offer” of opportunity and exposure.

    Respect yourself. Respect your work. Don’t feed the billionaire your hard-earned biscuits.

  3. This reminds me of a post from a restaurant in the northwest who was looking for performers that could promote themselves in their restaurant. It could grow into more performance dates to promote your cd.
    Someone responded that they are a musician and they are looking for someone to promote their food….it could also grow into more serving dates to promote their restaurant.
    Enough said.
    This will go absolutely nowhere for the artist, but it will make Adobe look great! What cheapskates! You’re a fool if you fall for this.

  4. Rather than just negativity and assumptions, why not send your concerns or comments to Jeremy at Adobe. No one is forcing artists to do this. We (full disclosure, I work at Adobe) are proud to be in Utah and proud to provide creative tools. And we are just trying to continue to be involved in the Utah community in a meaningful way. Again, if you have ideas to make this more palatable to local artists, I’m sure Jeremy would like to know what those ideas would be. There’s nothing nefarious behind this.

  5. So, reading these comments kind of disturbs me. I’ve been showing my art for fifteen years or so, from the Bay Area to the East Coast and Utah, too. Plenty of shows didn’t have insurance, and the ones that do don’t always pay.

    I showed at Adobe. They were awesome, catered generously, and had engineers hanging the work. I’ve shown at the springville art museum too, they DID have insurance, scraped up a painting, and didn’t pay anything! And it was still worth it. I’ve had fully accredited and insured galleries steal paintings too. It all comes down to the people, and I can say from experience that Adobe has good people and is a good place to show.

    I get that people should be wary of doing free work for shady individuals. The ‘do it for exposure’ line is usually BS, any self respecting artist, designer, illustrator learns fast. This is NOT some shady business guy or venue, however. I’ve seen enough to know. And trust me, when you behold the awesomeness of the space there will be no question that Adobe doesn’t need to exploit independent artists to look great.

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