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Learning to Draw: 9 Principles You Must Know


 Occasionally someone will say to me, “I can’t draw a stick figure.” The intended meaning is that they have no artistic talent. This may be true or not, but the real reason is most likely they don’t have the desire to learn or have not been instructed properly. The principles of linear drawing can all be taught in a logical way, just like balancing a checkbook or adding up a column of numbers. In other words, it’s akin to learning any other skill, like playing a musical instrument, horseback riding or Karate; they are all teachable skills. To be sure, not everyone who tries is going to be a concert pianist, black belt or even a great horseback rider, but the rudiments can be learned by anyone who wants to put in the time. I hate to take the mystery out of the process, but drawing, in and of itself is pure mechanics, not art. The ability to read and write does not make one a great orator or writer. In the same way, art is made by those who have a “vision” that goes into the creation of art; our toolbox of skills is merely the vehicle to get us there.

Read John Hughes’s “9 Principles of Drawing You Must Know” in the July 2013 edition of 15 Bytes

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