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Lay of the Land: A Profile of Wayne Geary


Wayne Geary is a big fan of Salt Lake City’s Main Library. He’s a frequent patron, and holds a Friends’ annual membership, which has allowed him to buy hundreds of CDs from the bi-annual library sales a day before most everyone else can. ”That’s when you get the really good stuff,” he says. A year ago, however, the library was the scene of a life-threatening, not to mention career-ending, scare for the Salt Lake City artist: he fell in the underground library garage and broke his neck. Following surgery and a long recovery, though, he’s back in his studio painting, listening to everything from the Stones to Mahler, while anticipating an important exhibit, Topographies, opening at the Gallery at Library Square on January 14 . . .


Read our profile of Wayne Geary in the January 2017 edition of 15 Bytes.

A graduate of the University of Utah, Ann Poore is a freelance writer and editor who spent most of her career at The Salt Lake Tribune. She also worked for Salt Lake City Weekly and has written for such publications as Utah Business Magazine and Salt Lake Magazine.

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  1. I am so glad to read an article about Wayne Geary that has informed me about his life and his career.
    I don’t know Geary and his wife Louise, but my good friend Nel Ivancich did and lauded them both.

    What a very rich and meaningful essay. I appreciate it

  2. Greetings from Idaho and/or a long time ago. It is good to get caught up with what you and Louise are doing! I still miss Utah! We have great rocks here, but they are grey…. I am still working too, though much less. Marilyn M.

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