Lawn Gnomes Eat Your Hearts Out Bus Tours

John Bell's Interloper

The Salt Lake Art Center’s Yard Art Extravaganza and Competition, Lawn Gnomes Eat Your Hearts Out, started last weekend as maps to over 50 lawn sculptures throughout the Salt Lake Valley was published.

Tomorrow, Saturday May 21, the Art Center will be providing bus tours for the event. A free Family Tour departs from the Art Center at 2:15 pm, with a Party Bus departing at 4:45. You can also download a map and take your own self-guided tour.

(Family Tour: RSVP to Felicia Baca with the # in your party and the names of everyone who wants to be on the bus. Feliciab@slartcenter.org | 801.328.4201 x122. You must have received a confirmation to claim your spot on the bus!  Under 18 must be accompanied by an adult. Party Bus: $25 tickets are available for purchase at www.slartcenter.org. Beer,wine, and cheeses from Caputo’s will be served. Must be 21 or older and have ID to board the bus.)

We got a peek at Interloper, John Bell’s piece for the competition. In past posts we’ve mentioned the artist’s unique mid-century modern home up Emigration Canyon. For his yard art piece Bell has a bit of fun with the ups and downs of his living situation. Bell says,  “The only down side to living in mid-century modern home (beside a lack of storage) can be all of the looky loo’s, stopping their cars, peering in from the canyon road or peeking through the gate to sneak a photo.” The sculpture element of Interloper is a blue neon sign with text spelling Private Residence encased in a pristine white acrylic box, which hangs behind a 60 foot wall of glass overlooking the homes’ property. “Seeing it just cracks me up,” Bell says. “The irony of a neon plea for privacy in a glass house is just so oddly in step with the times.”

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