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Laurel Casjens

Though she now works as a museum specialist for the State of Utah, Laurel Cajsens started out as a geologist, archeologist, photographer and museum curator. She says, “For fun I am a photographer, a potter, a rock art documenter, a traveler, a dog walker, and a lover of wild places. My wish is world peace, a clean environment, the protection of wild places, and a good life for my children.

The Rennie Mackintosh Exhibit at the Kelvingrove Museum in Glasgow, Scotland. Who knew the Glasgow boys were so great! I was so inspired I am taking a class in stained glass.

Salvadore Dali—my all time favorite painter. Who cares what I look like! We saw a Salvadore Dali exhibit in Germany that filled an entire warehouse; they had to turn out the lights to get us to leave.

The Anthropology of Turquoise by Ellen Malloy. If you can’t be in the desert, she will transport you there. It’s like reading poetry that brings the landscape to life.

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