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Latinx from the NEHMA Collection


August 24, 2019 – July 31, 2020

Traditionally, identity is formulated via a process of exclusion. It is not about who you are; it is about who you are not. Latinx proposes inclusivity as the point of departure, open to fluid and diverse factors formulating identity. Quests for definitions and exclusivity in the 20th century appear antiquated against the reality of cultural exchange in the 21st century. The works in Latinx convey the human capacity for ingenuity and cultural negotiation in art, even as labels identify their makers as Cuban or Latina. The viewer is invited to dismiss labels and examine the artworks on their individual merits, to consider the diversity Latinx fosters first and foremost.

Latinx represents a growing part of the NEHMA collection and reflects a significant influence in Western American art. New acquisitions by Yolanda González, Leo Limón, Paul Sierra, and Eloy Torrez are featured in Latinx in addition to four paños, artwork rendered on handkerchiefs by Chicanos incarcerated in Texas prisons.

Latinx from the NEHMA Collection is co-curated by USU Art History Professor Alvaro Ibarra and NEHMA Curator of Collections and Exhibitions Bolton Colburn


Frank Aguilar
Carlos Almaraz
Enrique Chagoya
F. Santos
Yolanda Gonzalez
Leo Limon
Frank Romero
Paul Sierra
Eloy Torrez
John Valadez

Nora Eccles Harrison Museum of Art

Utah State University



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