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Kym McDaniel: If I could take me from that room, I would never give me back at UMOCa

Jul. 5 – Oct 19

Influenced by her research in Crip Theory (an interdisciplinary field that merges Disability Studies and Queer Theory) as well as her embodiment as a disabled dancer, McDaniel uses sculpture, video, and analog formats to question how bodies, objects, and technologies are traditionally used.

The 3-channel video leads viewers into the space using thermal printed images, a photographic technique where images are printed with heat then fade after exposure to light and time. McDaniel transferred the thermal images to digital video then burned the video onto an analog recording format (VHS tapes). The VHS tapes play and rewind continuously throughout the duration of the exhibit. This process mirrors the surprising, improvisational, and endurance-based work involved in trauma recovery.

Inside the exhibit, salvaged extension cords and power strips form a neuronal structure that branches, twists, and grows from a center source. The cords are limbs stretching toward the ceiling or plants heliotropically reaching for the sun. The room references enmeshment and anarchy, and the cords connect back to one power strip which acts as a body of knowledge, information, and—ultimately—power.

Utah Museum of Contemporary Art
20 S. West Temple
Salt Lake City UT 84101

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