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Kindred Spirits Summer Camp @ Art Access

Kindred Spirits Summer Camp

Altered Books
Taught by visiting artist Alice Marie Perreault
Altered books is an art form using mixed media to change the design, meaning, purpose
and even the structure of books. Depending upon the artwork, the original book may
not even be recognizable when the work is finished. Artists may add windows, niches,
pockets, pop-ups and countless two-dimensional and even three-dimensional elements
that create a sculptural sensibility.
Ali will be working with Kindred Spirits participants for a five-day summer workshop
to explore this exciting form of art. No two pieces of art will look alike! And,
by the end of the week, everyone will have new insight into their own and other’s
creative processes. So, come to Kindred Spirits and alter your very own book! All
levels and abilities welcome.
Books, supplies and materials are provided, but you may want to bring a few of your
own little found-object treasures.

Class Schedule

Daily from Monday, June 18th
through Friday, June 22nd
1:00 to 3:00 PM
Max Enrollment: 7 (14 with partners).
Children are usually accompanied by a partner, often a parent or sibling.
Fee: $50 and includes all art supplies (no fee for partner companion).
Learn more and register online by visiting our WEBSITE

“This is the best children’s art program
we’ve ever participated in!”
~ Kate Jensen, Kindred Spirits Parent

About Kindred Spirits
Designed for children whose chronological and/or cognitive age is 5 to 13, the Kindred
Spirits program offers young participants an opportunity to engage creatively in
a variety of visual arts projects in an inclusive environment.

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