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Kimball Art Center Expansion Causing a Disturbance & Other Mixed Media

Architectural rendering of the BIG design for Kimball Art Center expansion.

As the Park City Record has reported this week, the Kimball Art Center’s proposed expansion is causing something of a dustup among Park City residents. The $10 million renovation and expansion has been designed by BIG-Bjarke Ingels Group of Copenhagen and New York (see our article here). The design has not been finalized but the possibility that — due to its height — the design might require adjustments in zoning ordinances has caused a number of residents to write City Hall. Read more in the related articles below.

MIXED MEDIA ARTICLES compiled by Terrece Beesley

12/5 Syracuse metals welder fired up to keep business, arts growing

12/14 Kimball Art Center design decried as a ‘monstrosity’

12/14 Signal from City Hall panel jeopardizes Kimball Art Center expansion

12/14 Kimball Art Center: opposition letters ‘premature’

12/14 Something for everyone in BDAC holiday art show

12/17 CUAC Is Back: Art center finds new home in SLC

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  1. I think it’s unfortunate that popular rejection has become a touchstone of ‘contemporary’ art. Why does the Kimball need to ram itself down the throats of Park City residents? Can’t we have a great building that the locals take fierce pride in? It happens all the time, in many places. Park City was marvelous when I first saw it, in 2002. Since the Olympics, it’s hard to recognize and much of the charm is lost in what feels like the Hollywood hills. Is it the job of art to finish what that commercial extravaganza began? Why can’t there be a building that wouldn’t get mugged if the lights were left off?

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