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e I just finished reading Strapless by Deborah Davis which is about John Singer Sargent’s painting “Portrait of Madame X” and right now I am reading The Old Man and the Sea and Everyday is an Atheist Holiday by Penn Jillette. I enjoy reading and started a book club last year to rope my friends into spending their evenings talking about books.


eI just hung a stipple ink drawing my dad completed of the Nautilus from 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. Since I was very young, I have known that art would be an important part of my life as I watched my dad work in his “sanctuary,” at his drawing table in the basement. I love having his artwork in my house now. Over my other mantel hangs a WWII era Japanese naval katana which belonged to my fiancé’s grandfather.

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design elementPerhaps I am only using this response as a plug for the Arts Council, but I have really grown to love and appreciate the Art Barn and all of the truly amazing programs and services that come out of there. I love going to work in such a neat building and I am very grateful to be a part of the Arts Council.


eI am going with Frans Hals. I love 17th century Dutch art and his portraits make me smile. I’m sure that in another life I was an art historian spending my days in dusty old libraries analyzing details of paintings from the Dutch Golden Age.

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