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Kayo Gallery is Moving

Kayo Gallery's future home.

Salt Lake’s Kayo Gallery is moving. Though the move isn’t geographically very big — owner Shilo Jackson will be taking over the space adjacent to hers, recently vacated by Frosty Darling, allowing the former Kayo Gallery to be home to the expanding Green Ant furniture store —  Jackson has still taken on a major project. She’s busy renovating the space, getting it ready for the June 15th opening of work by Elmer Presslee. To get to those original hardwood floors you have to go through a layer of paint and tar. She’s on the tar right now.

Stop by if you want to give her a hand. You can also check out the downstairs space, which until recently was the Stolen & Escaped Gallery. Kayo will be subleasing the space for $500/month, utilities included. If tar’s not your thing, just email Jackson at

And stay tuned for the June edition of 15 Bytes, where Shalee Cooper’s camera will take you inside the crazy innards of Elmer Presslee’s house/studio, and we’ll take a peek at another gallery relocation on 800 South.

Kayo Gallery is located at 177 East 100 South in Salt Lake City.

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