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Kathy Puzey: Artist Profile

Talk to most artists and you’ll find their careers have rarely been planned. It’s usually some chance encounter with a certain medium, a specific work of art or a unique teacher, that determines their artistic trajectory. For Kathy Puzey it was a notice for a woodcut workshop in Florence, Italy. A recent recipient of the Utah Arts & Museum’s Visual Art Fellowship Award, Puzey now teaches at Utah State University and in this video interview we watch as she works on campus in Logan, talks about her influences and working methods, and explains why she makes “suicide prints.”

Watch the video interview in the October 2012 edition of 15 Bytes.

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  1. This is quite simply an excellent piece. I am ashamed to admit that I have not watched the previous two, but I certainly will amend that. It is a waste of words to call this professional, moreover it is a penetrative visual essay on a passionate artist… at home in her expertise… who through an open engagement with the camera, shares valuable insights into her creations that inform not only her work but serves as a lesson for many genres of printmaking to the unaware… such as myself. To call it akin to PBS is also fruitless because it is something different, again, honest in its candid candor, frank and compelling, making the art and the process exciting, and shot in a manner that itself is a work of art that ebbs and flows with the subject. As a long time regular contributor, I am very proud to have this truly fine piece as this month’s Artist Profile as it speaks so well of the magazine and adds an additional layer of depth. I hope to see more, Shawn, this is quality. E

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