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Karen Horne

Karen at springville opening Jan 16 crKaren Horne’s paintings are known for their vibrant color, lush paint, and convincing sense of gesture. The great-granddaughter of Alice Merrill Horne, and daughter of landscape painter, Phyllis Horne, she was fortunate to grow up with art. Horne graduated from Yale, completing her MFA in painting at Indiana University.  She then moved to Manhattan and worked at The Frick Collection.

During her dozen years living in NYC she painted the city’s “parade of life.” When she returned to SLC in 1996, she was pleasantly surprised by the downtown scene. She has since developed cityscapes celebrating landmarks such as the Capitol Theatre. Another recent series has focused on ballroom, ballet and tango dancers.

Horne has been fortunate to receive numerous awards, including the 2013 Mayor’s Visual Artist Award and the 2004 UAC Visual Arts Fellowship.  She was named  one of Utah’s 100 Most Honored Artists and received a prize at the National Academy of Design’s Annual Exhibition in NYC.

Karen Horne’s work has been featured in major cities including New York and San Francisco, and in two major exhibitions at the Springville Museum.  Collections include the State of Utah, Springville Museum, Salt Lake County, American Express and private collections nationally. She was commissioned to create large paintings on view at the Hilton Hotel.  Her restaurant and cityscape series have both been spotlighted in Southwest Art.

In 2003, she founded the studio/gallery HORNE Fine Art.  She curated over a dozen group theme shows, as well as solo shows of her work, Phyllis Horne, Ken Baxter and Jamie Wayman.

“…in the thrall of oil paint, employing it with gusto….”
– Mario Naves, Art Critic for the NY Observer

“These canvases pulse with real enjoyment of brush on canvas”
“…figurative studies that sizzle with pure color contrasts”
– George Dibble, Salt Lake Tribune


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15 Bytes Articles

March 2003
Gallery Profile: Salt Lake City
Horne Fine Art
by Mark Dicosola

The new gallery and studio of Karen Horne offers Utah artists a concrete vision of an integrated artistic life. Karen Horne has managed to combine her life as painter with the need for studio and gallery space. Skylights in the studio offer natural light and after coming back to Utah from New York City, the studio’s space is abundant and now offers room for figurative still-life exploration…

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October 2005
Exhibition Review: Salt Lake City
The Utah Arts Council’s Fellowship Exhibition
Karen Horne, Steve Larson, Madison Smith, & Paul Stout at the Rio
by Kent Rigby

The Rio Gallery at the Rio Grande Depot exists within a huge cavernous space. One might wonder how it could possibly be used as a successful gallery. However, the staff of the Utah Arts Council Visual Arts Program somehow manages to hang very successful fine art exhibits in the space. Glen Richards and Laura Durham have it down to a combination of science and aesthetics. “It’s a little overwhelming, but the challenge is fun. I like that we can move the walls around and make each show look different. It keeps things fresh. I’m warming up to the grandeur of the space after being used to the intimate and more controlled environment we had last year”, reveals Laura Durham, Visual Arts Program Assistant…

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June 2006
Exhibition Review: Salt Lake City
To Challenge and Delight: Karen Horne’s Roman Holiday
by Shawn Rossiter

Rome. Florence. Venice. These cities have been producing fabulous art for centuries. And for just as long they have been places of pilgrimage for artists, professional and amateurs alike. There may be more paintings and photographs of these three cities than of any other three in the world. Which, of course, means there are probably more hackneyed images of this tourist triumvirate than of any other in the world…

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December 2011
Exhibition Review: Salt Lake
Stalking the Night: Karen Horne’s Nocturnes
by Sue Martin | photos by Simon Blundell

Karen Horne is an “artist’s artist” if there is such a thing. She has taken all the lessons we try to absorb in the classroom or workshops – like color theory, simplification, gesture drawing, value and form, and the lush handling of paint – and demonstrates them in her paintings. Best of all, we can see and study her work right here in Salt Lake City at Horne Gallery, where her current body of work – The Color of Night – is on display through December 23 (and into January on a more limited schedule)…

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