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Kamille Corry Painting Stolen

Stolen Kamille Corry painting, click to enlarge

Artist Kamille Corry reports that a large painting was stolen from her private art studio in downtown SLC today (Monday, August 1). The oil on canvas painting, valued at $48,000, measures 62″ x 46″, is in a gold frame and signed Kamille Corry.

“A man was seen by one of my students walking into the room where the painting was standing. The door was open, and he carried the painting out. My student did not see whether he had a vehicle. But the painting/frame are very heavy, and no one saw a man carrying  this on foot in the neighborhood.”

The thief is described as caucasion, mid-twenties, slender, not taller than 6′ and wearing a blank tank top, with tattoos on both shoulders/arms. He has no facial hair and dark hair pulled back.

“My student saw him from the top of the stairs carrying the painting overhead, and asked what he was
doing, he replied “I’m picking this up for Rich.” By the time she came to tell me this and I got downstairs, he was gone. The painting was not visible from the doorway. It seems he knew exactly what he was going in for – he could have seen it through the glass door & windows previously.”

If you have information on the painting contact
Kamille Corry

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