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Josanne Glass

Josanne Glass, hailing from Maine with roots in Northern California and Mexico, has embraced a multifaceted life journey that led her to settle in Utah, initially attracted by the lure of skiing. With a substantial career in human resources that culminated in a vice-presidential role at an international firm, Glass transitioned to art as a serious pursuit later in life. Her early passion for fibers manifested in weaving, using a manual floor loom to create intricate patterns and textures.

Her formal introduction to painting came under the tutelage of a respected Utah artist, with whom she engaged in a rigorous five-year period of study and practice. Glass’s current artistic techniques are the result of self-directed experimentation, carving out a unique niche in her post-corporate chapter. Through her diverse experiences and self-taught discipline, Glass has developed a personal creative approach that reflects her varied background and life experiences.

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