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John Vehar Does It Again: The Art Scavenger Hunt Continues

Ram closeup on bench

Oops, he did it again. J.E. Vehar-Evanoff made good on his promise to continue his artistic scavenger hunt, occasionally placing a piece of artwork somewhere in the city for a lucky person to find.

The idea is that he posts what and where it is – could be an animal, work on paper, political or conceptual piece (most corresponding to a painting that matches). These are, he says, “mirror images of the same thing. I am giving those images to people who also mirror each other, standing on opposite sides of the art world.” (I think he means those of us who never could afford one of his works at Modern West Fine Art.)

His prior art drop was in June at Liberty Park of a large drawing of a horse. It matched a quite lyrical painting of a white horse at the gallery. (It may have sold by now. Hope not. I am in the group who never could afford it, but also keep thinking along a variation of “If wishes were horses . . .”). He tied that drawing to a small tree along a walkway making it tricky to find, left a clue on his Facebook page, and someone eventually located it. Here is the link: https://m.facebook.com/The-Art-of-J-Vehar-Evanoff-2096105…/

This time he created a charcoal sketch, “Ram on Ram Board” — just terrific and with a great title. He was surprised when Robyn Erkelens found it before he had even posted his clue. (Well, John, what do you expect to happen when you place a large work of art on a bench in a parking lot at the Utah Museum of Natural History at 8 a.m. on a Monday morning?) (Jeez!)

Will he do it again? Who knows? He says his intention is to thank all the people who come out to support his work, without devaluing it. And if the weather holds, there just may be another opportunity to own a Vehar-Evanoff. But you will need to put out a little effort, of course. Watch his Facebook page!

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  1. ~John,
    You are an amazing human being and an amazing artist. I am proud to be related. You never gave up and never stopped doing what you loved.

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