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John Sproul’s Serenity Now! at Nox Contemporary

Salt Lake City
September 18 – November 27

On Friday September 18th 2020, Nox Contemporary will be presenting the exhibition Serenity Now!  by John Sproul. There will be a public reception that evening, during the Salt Lake City Gallery Stroll, from 6-9 p.m

Serenity Now!,  is quite different then the work we are used to seeing from John Sproul.  In many ways it is the opposite of the work he exhibited at The Gallery at Library Square last year.  Where you had isolated minimalized figures devoid of reference to the outside world you now have raw, orchestrated compositions deeply embedded in the world (whether it be a landscape or ideas dictated through stenciled words) full of paint, but one thing remains the same – they are all about the body and being human.  “I work with the body because my own body has significantly affected the way I have lived my life, how I see life and who I am.  As a child I was mildly obese and was bullied for that, puberty made me tall and lean and changed everything and I became “desirable”; in my twenties I began to lose my hair which brought self doubt as to my desirability; in my thirties I became hypoglycemic and had to adopt a strict diet; in my forties I developed rosacea (a skin condition) and carbohydrate intolerance (further restricting my diet); and now in my fifties my strength and energy is beginning to leave me and I am having to adapt my lifestyle to that. What else could I do but make work about the body?”

To John being an artist is about seeing and trying to see more, understanding and trying to understand more – trying to get a little more of a glimpse of the truth.  “  I want to know “us”, how we connect, why we are, why we do and so on and that begins with trying to understand those things about myself and moving on from there”.  For John, the creative process and journey isnt so much about the answer as  it is about the next question – “ An answer is an end, but a question will open and lead my mind from place to place, from question to question and that is what excites me”.  What does the body mean?  What can the body tell us about a person?  Why does the body have this undefinable knowability , this “otherness”,  and what is it and can I ever know it? Are some of the questions he has encountered in his journey through this process.  When you see this exhibit come prepared with your own questions and look on the experience as E.E. Cummings put it “Always the beautiful answer who asks a more beautiful question”.

John Sproul has been a professional artist almost 30 years and has been actively involved in the art community.  He has exhibited throughout the United States, (including New York and extensively in Los Angeles), parts of Europe and Malaysia.  Some of the venues he has exhibited in include the J. Paul Getty Museum, the Utah Museum of Fine Arts, Utah Museum of Contemporary Art; The Painting Center, New York; the Bipolar Projects in Barcelona; Galerie Metanoia in Paris; The Kunstwerk Carlshutte in Germany; and the Sienna Art Institute in Italy.  As an advocate for the arts he served on the UMFA’s FOCA Executive Committee from 2006-2013 and was Chair in 2013.  He co-founded and directed the Art Group (2007-2015, 2019 – present); founded and directed the Foster Art Program (2008-2011); founded and directed the Utah Contemporary Art Think Tank (2010-2011); and currently owns and operates Nox Contemporary Art Gallery (a project oriented, non-commercial gallery).
Directions:  The gallery is located in the Homeless Healthcare Clinic complex at 440 S 400 W, in the south west corner.  If coming on I-15 take the 600 S exit and turn left on 400 west, make a u-turn at 400 south and take your first right into the gating parking area and drive to the end, the gallery is the last door on your left, Suite H.  If you are coming from the north on I-15 take the 400 south exit and turn left on 400 west and follow the instructions above from there.

Serenity Now!  will be open  by appointment to the public through Friday, November 27, 2020.  There will be a 2nd reception on Friday October 16, 6-9pm and a 3rd reception on Friday, November 20, from 6-9pm .  For more information and to make an appointment please contact john@johnsproul.com.or 801.289.6269

Because of COVID-19, all safety measures will be taken to insure a safe experience for all.  We will require all to wear masks when entering the gallery, will enforce social distancing of 6 feet for those not in the same household and will limit the amount of people that can be in the gallery at one time.  We will also not be serving refreshments and the restroom facilities will be closed to the public.

Nox Contemporary
440 south 400 west ste h
Salt Lake CityUT 84101


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