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Jeffrey Hein: Studio Space

Jeffrey Hein photographs by Manju Varghese | text by Joyce Cheun

Walk in this classic brick building located in the heart of downtown Salt Lake City, and you will find an elegant steel staircase in the center that broadly opens upward. Climb to the top floor, and you will find Jeff Hein’s Arrow Press Studios. Compared to the traditional nature of the building, the studio possesses a thoroughly modern atmosphere. Without fancy decoration, three pieces of glass wall separate the studio from the building. The setup is simplistic but creates different rooms with various functions: a woodworking space, an office, a gallery space along the hallway, and an expansive painting room. High ceilings and tall windows that flood the room with light provide a perfect painting area.†

The studio’s north window attracted Hein in the first place, since it allows extensive indirect light. Hein also redesigned the studio into one wide-open space with three separate lights and switches at different corners. Hence, he can set up a model with the light that he wants in one area, and then position his easel in another corner and paint without rearranging. In addition, the high ceiling provides an ideal space for him to work on his large-scale figurative and representative paintings.† Hein is interested in religious themes and contemporary oil paintings. He thinks it is important to emphasis the expression of the characters and not just concentrates on the details of the costumes. In addition to pursuing his own artwork, Hein also teaches drawing and painting the human figure in his studio. The layout of his studio provides sufficient area for each student to do their portraiture, and also have the opportunity to learn by seeing the progress of Hein’s present work. For more information, visit


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