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Jean Arnold

Jean Arnold in her studio, 2002. Photo by Steve Coray.

Jean Arnold lives in Salt Lake City where she creates mixed-media drawings and paintings of abstract surrealistic urban landscapes.


Jean Arnold Is Up To Something

by Jon Erickson
September 2002 edition

Jean Arnold has been “up to something.”  Her transformation from competent observer to a mature personal voice spans ten years of hard work—as a friend, for  years I have watched this evolution first hand.  She has eschewed the expected use of perspective and chiaroscuro to find a language beyond the pat categories of figurative or abstract.

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What Gets Filtered Out By Speed: Jean Arnold at Phillips Gallery

by Van Lewis
June 2006 edition

Artist Jean Arnold was in the Helper Hotel seven years ago, sketching people coming and going. The difficulty of sketching even the most cursory glimpse of them, besides underlining the differences between drawing and photography, triggered a multi-year experiment in the depiction of movement. Her current show at Philips Gallery in Salt Lake City, mostly paintings based on drawings she did while riding city buses, is the most recent result. I have rarely seen a bunch of paintings that so strongly demands engagement and that deals so plainly in the following simultaneities: sensual and cerebral, abstract and figural, planar and spatial, journalistic and subjective.

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  1. Amazing work jean love your color choice and unique creativity. The way you handle perspective. Bringing us into your world…wowww

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