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Jared Lindsay Clark and Makia Sharp at CUAC


 The nature of perception, the artist’s vision and viewer responsiveness is a topic that concerns all of art, in every facet, from every place and time, from every artist, and from every viewer.  From a visitor to a gallery or museum in Salt Lake City to a pedestrian standing in front of a public sculpture in a piazza in Torino, Italy.  The subject is one that is currently brought to the fore at Salt Lake’s CUAC with Jared Lindsay Clark’s and Makia Sharp’s individual shows Seer Screens and Passing: both question the notion of making and looking, and the transportation that is art’s reality known as “response.”  The evocative art objects in both shows are such that they cause the viewer to pause and to look, to then consider what they are looking at, and in the event that they are sensibly connected to the piece, the phenomenon of transporting we call “responsiveness” is the result . . .


Read the review in the July 2014 edition of 15 Bytes.

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