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Jared Clark On The Spot

In our monthly On The Spot feature we ask someone from the community some art-related questions about their life.

This month we asked Salt Lake artist Jared Clark, who is the recipient this year of one of the Utah Arts Council’s annual $10,000 Art Fellowships.

In one of his answers – to the question, “what hangs above your mantel” – Clark replied:

Over my mantel sits a heavy diptych I made years ago by cutting and mounting an old rusting steel billboard onto old plywood panels. Originally it was 10 X 12 feet and made of 18 panels and painted with white out and beeswax – so these two are the last in my possession. I sold the rest off cheap when i moved out to grad school in 2005 to afford gas for the Uhaul. There is also a strange sculpture by Brian Christensen (BYU Sculpture Professor), a non-life-size elephant made of marble, an equally small elephant made of painted plywood, and things related to the two cellos in the house like sheet music, rosin, and bows.

Read all the questions and answers in the December 2011 edition of 15 Bytes.

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